I cant access a specific Website / Forum like ""
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 20 August 2011 07:11

Websites often block people from accessing with a VPN, you have a few options to solve this, pick your favorite:

1. One solution would be to exclude the Website from being accessed through the VPN IP in the first place, instead it would use your original ISP IP, check how to exclude a specific Website:

2. Another solution would be to simply use a SOCKS5 proxy from another external service (for example from

3. We also have a video similar to the SOCKS tutorial above, instead of using a SOCKS proxy however, this tunnels your connection over SSH:

Please note: The IP you connect to with PuTTY is not the IP you are assigned to in the Members Area. You need to own a VPS (which is not the same as a VPN) in order to do this.

General info: We have no control over forum/website owners blocking activites.

If the IP/country in question is blocked, then that is disappointing, but it is what it is. It is as annoying for you, as it is for us. Talk to the owner of the website and find out why they block entire countries and IP ranges. Put the blame where it actually belongs to.

Read the help document on HF for example, it's all explained in detail at the "VPN / Firewall" chapter.

Some parts of the document are shown here:

I heard HF blocks entire countries. Is that true?

Yes this is true. has many countries blocked. The list is extensive.Please note that country blocks are not a slur on the people of that country. These blocks represent problems with IPs originating from these countries. Many are part of botnets, rogue datacenters, and high crime locations. Country blocks are one effective way to eliminate "bad traffic". So don't take it personal. Do not ask for countries to be removed. The block list is currently not published. 

Can you whitelist me?
We do not whitelist individual member IPs under any circumstance. 
I'm using a VPN but it's not working.
We have a lot of VPNs, datacenters, and proxies blocked. Basically you have no guarantee of connection to the site unless you're on a home connection in an English speaking country. 

HF firewall rules are periodically flushed every few weeks. If one country is blocked today, theoretically it could be unblocked the next week again, an ongoing circle.

We will no longer even try to win this blocking race against people who block VPNs. And no, not even a dedicated IP can help you with this, as said above, website owners usually block ENTIRE IP ranges (123.23.*.*) and entire countries based on their GEO locations (such as Serbia or Ukraine). So this is a race not we, or anyone else will ever win. 

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