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Cannot resolve host address: [NO_DATA] The requested name is valid but does not have an IP address.
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 05 November 2012 16:03

In case you encounter this notice in your connection log (right click OpenVPN icon => "View Log") and get disconnected by this, then there is a simple step to resolve this.

When you get this error, you generally have problems with our/your DNS hostname. Do this (ONLY if you are having this problem!):

Open your "username.ovpn" (usually at C:\Program Files\OpenVPN, Program Files (x86) on 64bit machines) file with a text editor and check for the line: 

"remote 1194"

substitute this line with your actual assigned IP (shown in Members Area, in this example

"remote 1194"

Important note: Using a fixed IP in the config file is not recommended and means you would have to repeat this step on every Country/IP change again, so only do it if needed.

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