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Origin wont connect..
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 11 November 2012 14:05

First of all it looks as if EAs Origin software, doesnt allow VPNs in general!!

But wait wait, theres hope a user in another Forum (a member using nVPN Service tried and has confirmed the trick). The forum topic is located here:

A Quote of the important post below:

Solution Origin VPN FIX

Hello Guys

I just figured out the solution for this origin vpn issue. I had to play bf3 no matter what, but this origin issue won't letting me to play!!!
So do what my instructions says, i am finding users to help with my solution who are still suffering from this issue.

First open up cmd with admin rights.(make sure your vpn connection is connected)
Then type route print -4
now don't confuse with Interface list heading, just come to IPv4 route table heading.
Now under Ipv4 route table look for 2nd entry under Gateway you will see your vpn gateway IP address, something like xxx.xx.x.x (x corresponds to a digit)
Just note that IP address in some place. Now come to control panel then network and sharing center, on the left side click on change adapter settings or just directly go to network connections. Find your tap adapter which is currently your vpn using (it would be something like tap win32 and it will show unidentified network on it), right click on that tap adapter then click on properties, scroll down until you find Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and double click on it. Now you will see Default gateway field is empty, Now type the gateway IP you noted from the cmd to this field and click ok and ok. Now open origin and wowooo its working!!!!

This method is the only thing worked for me!!! The reason origin is not working by default settings is that it is unable to detect network connectivity on an unidentified network adapter, but after adding the default gateway to it, it become identified and Identified network is all origin need to work.
If the above method works for you than plz share this with others too.
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