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How to Setup on CentOS?
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 22 April 2017 12:52

To setup nVpn on CentOS we have created an automated setup script, the script works for CentOS 6 and as well for 7 Architecture.

Follow the steps below for setup, log in your server and on the command line do following:

1. Download the setup script: wget

2. Give the script executable permissions: chmod u+x

3. Start the script now: ./

4. Now the script will ask you to enter your Username and your already in the members area added port.

The port is really important: without a forwarded port, you will not be able to reach your server again once the VPN connection has been established! Therefore make sure to add your desired Port in the Members Area on which you want to reach your server again. For example, if you added a port 8713 then your server would be reachable again only via "ssh YourVPNip -p 8713"

When the script finished successfully, you will be suddenly dropped and lose the connection to your server. From this point on the next connect works with the VPN IP and your forwarded port. Once connected to your server, you can double check the IP change was successful by doing: curl;echo

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