Difference between Dynamic and Static Ports?
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 01 December 2019 17:58

-- If you don't require our Portforwarding feature, you can simply stop reading here and ignore everything below --

Since as of 21.12.2019 we are no longer able to allow Static Portforwarding on all of our VPN locations by default. Static Ports are problematic, because in 90% of cases they are only used for Malware / RATs and similar Software's all the time anyways.

That being said: we do not care what our users are doing, but due to the fact we have lost around 30+ servers over the years and all of those only related due to Malware usage, this had to be changed now. Not to forget alot of our IPs have been added to Spamhaus blacklist which is yet another big issue for us (and in the end for you as user as well) therefore from now on only a selected set of certain VPN locations allow Static Ports - on the other hand the good part is that every VPN location allows Dynamic Ports.

What follows is an explanation to understand the difference between Dynamic and Static Ports.

Static Ports are ports which you can add as you desire, for example if you need the following specific port 3818 to be opened, just add it into our Members Area panel and this specific port will be opened. Additionally, this port will never change it is therefore Static and the port will never change unless you decide to (this is required for software's which require to have the same port to be reachable, simply said).

Additional note: Static Ports are also much more expensive, if you don't need static ports rather only use Dynamic Ports instead, they are included for free on all VPN locations.

Dynamic Ports are ports which are being randomly generated during the connect phase to the VPN, this means after the user has established the VPN connection a set of randomly chosen ports will be displayed in the members area. You can now use those ports like usual, technically they are not different how they work compared to static ports, but they different in the way that Dynamic Ports will be refreshed after a given time interval, so they are not only random, but as well are going to change. The current time interval is 12 hours once new random Ports become generated and assigned (this time window but could be raised, or lowered depending on how it goes in the future).

Additional note: Dynamic Ports are included with every VPN package and every VPN location, they are also much cheaper compared to Static ports.

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