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I'm connected, but I cant load anything!
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 20 August 2011 06:52

If you are connected and the OpenVPN icon shows green, but the loading of a site it so slow, or sometimes never loads at all, it is a good sign you're in a restricted environment, whether it be a College/Workplace/School, etc.

Countries like China block and restrict your internet access possibilities as well. We have a good and almost always successful method to bypass exactly these kind of restrictions and allow you to continue using nVPN.

Switch to a 443 IP. If the description fits to your problem you can switch to a 443 TCP IP inside the Members Area automatically. Remember that this step is not easily revertable after.

IMPORTANT: Dont get it confused with any other error and problem. The best sign you are in need of a :443 IP is as described in the title, you are connected and the OpenVPN lamp icon shows green in the tray, but you cant load ANY Website at all and dont get any network I/O.

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