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What's the difference between a Shared and Dedicated IP?
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 20 August 2011 07:04

On a Shared IP you and a handful of other users (1-32 every group gets randomly filled up) are sharing the same IP. 

So lets say if one user abuses this IP in any form, all disadvantages of it affects ALL other users assigned to the shared IP group as well. Meaning it can happen every so often often that multiple Shared IP users get moved away & blocked from a particular VPN Country. Shared IP doesnt have any guarantee being allowed to stay on a Country, incase abuse reports come in.

Furthermore, if for example a shared IP was banned on a website or forum, all other users sharing the same IP would be banned as well.

Being on a Dedicated IP however, assures that only you and nobody else will be assigned to this IP and therefore it's your own private IP, atleast you can't be affected of other users misbehaviour. Shared and Dedicated mode have no difference in performance, all IPs are equally hooked up to the same uplink, so speed is not different on either mode.

Final note about Dedicated IPs: please do not depend your entire work activities on our dedicated IP, we try our best keeping all IPs online until forever (and after 5+ years of service, fact is that in 90% of the time it works out) but due to the nature of the risky and often abuse frequent VPN business, there are still uncontrollable circumstances possible making us lose the IP one day, for example: if the server provider suspends the server, decides to remove the IP, nullroutes it or whatever else may be the case here. Therefore always have backup of your work and/or better additionally use a Dynamic DNS service in your setup so that just incase the IP ever changes, you will be able to quickly continue your work on a new IP.

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