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What are the benefits of using this service? Why do I need a VPN?
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 20 August 2011 07:06

There are a few good reasons for needing a VPN:

  • You can bypass proxy servers, filters set by your network administrator, or Internet Service Provider, or even bypass strict regimes in many cases like china/iran read here

  • You can access otherwise blocked websites, games, chatrooms, poker sites no matter what the site and purpose is, or where you live.

  • You can protect your real IP (Internet Protocol) address, in order to avoid threats from other people, or any other types of monitoring of your internet traffic.

  • When you are traveling to countries where certain websites are restricted, you can easily access them using our VPN service.

  • You can quickly Portforward from ANY given environment in seconds, regardless if you have access to the router or not.

  • When you are accessing the internet from a public wireless hotspot, you are protected from threats such as MITM attacks, ARP cache posioning, or network sniffing, using the security layer and encryption within the VPN.

  • You can add some extra "Anti-DDoS" frontline to SOME extent (Effective Anti-DDoS protection is present only on the following locations: "USA4", "USA5, "FR3", "CAN3", "RO"). Can be useful in xbox and anywhere else where applicable.

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