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Youtube and german GEMA detection
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 27 March 2013 12:45

In some cases or better said with some countries, Youtube will "detect" your original german Location and display the GEMA message.

Speculations suspect that specific Browser settings like "language=de" could play a role in the "detection" (DNS changes, IP rWhois changes, disabling java, using no-script do not help). Youtube simply flags any Country as german, based on the fact how many german users ("language=de") have used the particular country IP range in the past.

Due to the fact that we have many German customers, you will more than likely run into this GEMA issue sooner or later too and there is nothing we can do about it.

Any solution? The only way to "fix" this would be to change to another country and then try again, but after the above explanation of the pattern it will only be a temporary solution too, because by the time Youtube will simply flag the next country again and again the more german users are switching to it. Therefore being an ongoing circle the GEMA problem can not be completely "fixed", it will be just a matter of time until Youtube flags the next Country/IPs again.

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