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Is a Dedicated IP ever going to change?
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 07 April 2016 16:40

Yes to give a straight answer to this the IP could theoretically change one day!

We cant stress it enough: please do not depend your entire work activities solely on our dedicated IP! That said, we try our best keeping all IPs online and in our possession until forever (and after 5+ years of service, fact is that in 90% of times it works out) but due to the nature of the risky and often abuse frequent VPN business, there are yet uncontrollable circumstances causing the possibility of making us lose the IP one day, just to name a few:

the server provider suspends our server
- decides to remove the IP for whichever reason (remember: we do only rent the IPs and technically dont own them)
- nullroutes it (due to DDoS attacks, abuse or whatever else)
- any other events out of our control

Therefore (if needed) always have a backup plan for your work and/or additionally use a Dynamic DNS service in your setup so that incase the IP ever changes, atleast you will be able to quickly continue your work on a new IP! "Good" DDNS services are rare to find depending on your activities, but for a legit use you could try for instance or any other random Dynamic Domain service that you can find on google. In the end it's up to you and your own responsibility to take care of a possible backup solution and to decide whether you even need it or not, this article here is only to inform about the fact that a Dedicated IP could change.

Some further info about our different IP types can be found here

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