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I want a refund!
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 20 August 2011 06:46

To put it short we ONLY refund if the service is down and the client is TECHNICALLY unable to connect to our service (excluding network maintenance, hardware and needed server upgrades). That said dont worry, being technically unable to connect is a rare sitation, in 99.8% you will always find a way to connect (no matter if you are in china, iran, school/office or whatever the case may be) seeing how we offer 5 different protocols. Refunds are therefore solely handled on goodwill.

Reasoning a refund with:

[+] I have made a fault and ordered by "accident"
[+] I have found another VPN provider, can i have my money back? 
[+] I dont need it anymore 
[+] I didnt know about the 2 days delay time with Paypal, can i have my money back?
[+] I cant access a particular website
[+] Im getting "bad" speed (simply contact support - ask for a server switch or read here for improvement ways)
[+] I didnt know/read about the 2 days delay time with Paypal (if its really so urgent, just ask in support to get your account earlier)
[+] Paysafecards are excluded from a Refund possibility

are NO valid refund reasons! Please do not order, unless you read and accepted the Refund Conditions.

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