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Installing OpenVPN on a rooted android device
Posted by on 28 February 2012 17:56

Step 1. Download and install BusyBox from the Android Marketplace.

Step 2. Install BusyBox in "/system/xbin/". Run the installation of BusyBox and continue.

Step 3. Upgrade your version of BusyBox if you can.

Step 4. Install OpenVPN to "/system/xbin". Now install OpenVPN installer and OpenVPN Settings from the Android Marketplace. Create a folder called openvpn in the directory you installed OpenVPN to.

Step 5. You will then want to browse to "/sdcard/openvpn/". This is where you will put your .crt and .ovpn files.

Step 6. Start OpenVPN Settings and enable OpenVPN.

Step 7. Tick your .ovpn name and you should be connected!

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