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Blank white page when trying to login to the Members Area
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 01 April 2012 04:17

This problem is based on our anti-bruteforce measures when accessing the members area, therefore it's possible to receive a blank white page if you are caught out by accident.

To prevent and or fix this here are a few tips that can help you not run into the white page:

1. Pass the captcha in less than 30 seconds.

2. It's logical, but make sure to use the correct username and password. On the 4th wrong login attempt your IP will be banned temporarily (all this means if you try to use an incorrect login more than 4 times, the white page can be triggered).

2.1 Additionally for some unknown and weird rare reason, some exotic & rare countries/ISPs didnt "like" our SSL certificate in the past atleast. The best and quickest way to solve it is to simply add a Proxy in the browser OR to establish the VPN connection first, before you try to access the Members Area, both methods will do the trick. Incase you dont have the required file to establish VPN connection (since you cant access members area) proceed to #4!

3. Try different browsers and make sure to clean their separate caches (some browsers are more sensitive to our restrictions than others, disable any type of security plugin in the browser such as RefControl, NoScript/ScriptNo, McAffee, etc.)

4. If nothing helps send a ticket and ask for your "" file.

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