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How to setup nVPN on a non rooted Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and the official OpenVPN client [the easiest way!]
Posted by Max Biggavelli on 11 July 2013 05:40

A quick step by step instruction on how to setup nVPN on a NON rooted Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Device using the official "OpenVPN Connect" client.

1. Download your config file from the Members Area as usual and Unzip it on your computer, so that you will receive the "nVPN.crt" and the "YourUsername.ovpn" file.

2. Additionally download this required nVPN.p12 Certificate now (which you will need in order to connect later on).

3. Attach your Android device to your computer (with USB cable as example) and move all 3 files to your internal storage. Simply place them in the root folder of the Internal storage.

4. Now its time to get the required software to connect. Visit the Google Play Store on your Android device (click on the "Play Store" icon) and search for "OpenVPN for Android" from 'Arne Schwabe':

Install and start it.

5. Click on the round (+) sign, then "Import" and select your "YourUsername.ovpn" file. After the import it will show up in the OpenVPN Profile list, now edit this profile and type in your Username/Password and tick on Save.

6. Hit the Connect button and a new window appears, this is the time the additional "nVPN.p12" will come into play. So click on Install and select the file and use "nVPN" as the password to extract. After this is done, go a step back to the window and the certificate details will be shown, Allow it to be used. After this point OpenVPN is going to connect. Thats it..

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